25 avril 2019

my travel in Australia

My travel:










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11 avril 2019


Kylie Minogue, born May 28, 1968 in Melbourne, was a singer, actress and Australian businesswoman.
She was the daughter of an accountant, Ron Minogue and a dancer, Carol Jones.
Kylie Minogue is the eldest of three children. Her sister Dannii is also a famous singer and television
presenter in Australia and the United Kingdom, while her brother Brendan is a cameraman in Australia.

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On February 2,2017, the artist announces on her social networks that she signed with the BMG label.
In 2018, she obtains a role in the Australian film Swinging Safari, alongside Guy Pearce and Julian McMahon.
His fourteenth studio album , Golden, was released in early April 2018. He started in 1st place on the British charts.

I had the chance to do an interview with Kylie Minogue!
















Do you listen to today's musics? Yes,I have already Yes, I've already listened to music today, I really like Dua Lipa,

I feel like I saw myself years ago,I really like her voice, her videos, her videos and her attitude.

Have you ever thought about stopping music for TV? No, I have never think of stopping music for television,
I love music as much as television.



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the outback

"Kakadu":                                                                                                   "Uluru":


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The Outback is the informal name for the large uninhabited and mostly arid regions that make up the backcountry and remote shorelines of Australia.

The gateway to this region is the isolated town of Alice Springs, which is one of Uluru's attractions, Australia's iconic red rock monolith.

To the north, Kakadu National Park can admire aboriginal rock paintings .            






 I visited maguk Gorge at Kakadu,  Maguk Gorge is a waterfall where you can swim.

The way to get there is just sublime. The landscape is very beautiful, there is a small river that I had to cross at some point, there are rocks, beautiful vegetation .. To get to the Maguk Gorge, you will have to take a 4X4 only road from the main road, then a walk of about a kilometer to reach the waterfall. The water is so clear that you could see dedant, and if you have a mask, you will see plenty of fish. Be careful, as almost everywhere in Kakadu, there are signs to say that there are crocodiles, so stay rather on the edges.
















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the cricket

CriRésultat de recherche d'images pour "cricket"cket is a collective ball and bat sport between two
teams normally composed of eleven players each. It is usually played on an oval-shaped ground, and grass. During a game, one of the teams tries to score points. The goal of the second team is to prevent the first to score,
mainly eliminating th
e drummers.I didn't  played the criket.

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the opossum

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The Opossum is a small mammal of the marsupial family.It measures between 65 and 85 centimeters long, including the tail which, alone, can be 40 cm. With a weight between 1 and 5 kg.

The Opossum is found in North Americain, South America and Oceania .He spends part of his day sleeping in the trees.

Opossum can live 2 to 3 years in the wild and up to 6 years in captivity.

It feed on fruits and seeds,but especially insects and other small animals as frogs,snakes and birds.

I do not have the chance to see opossum in Australia yet.

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